STAGE IT 2 SELL IT - Home Staging  & Re-Design
If you're selling your home or still occupying it and already have furnishings
and accessories, STAGE IT TO SELL IT will work with you to re-design your space, we'll provide the best possible features to help showcase your home
with the WOW factor to potential buyers. Our owner occupied consultations range from $200 - $500 depending on how many rooms are being focused on. Additionally, the seller has the the option of taking our suggestions and implementing them on your own or allowing us to do the work for you.
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A vacant home could be un-appealing to a potential home buyer, they usually find it hard to visualize the space as possibly being their own and will sometime ask questions as to why the property is vacant and for how long.  Our goal is to make a property more appealing and view at its best. STAGE IT 2 SELL IT can provide a consultation that includes a list of items that are available to rent for staging a vacant property such as furniture, accessories and art work that will capture a potential buyer and provide a lasting first impression to any buyer.  Additionally, a vacant home staging consultation usually ranges from $200 - $500 depending on the size of the home and the amount of rooms that need to be considered, the cost of vacant staging may vary, the seller has several options, we also offer virtual staging of vacant property. Contact us for more information.    
Virtual Staging is a service that is growing in the home staging industry
rapidly, virtual staging is meant to help owners market their vacant properties
to show at their very best by way of the Internet. Our company has recognized the importance of effective marketing and will utilize actual photos of vacant
homes or properties  and "virtually" stage them by including and adding the most attractive and appropriate furnishings,art work, accessories and curb appeal into uploaded photographs to create a more acceptable connection
with potential home buyers.  Whenbuyer views a virtually staged property online it becomes easier for them to envision themselves living in the property, and it is more likely the buyer will want to view the property soon with a licensed real estate agent.  Virtual Staging is designed specifically for vacant property whereby routine home staging entails the rental of furnishings, accessories, artwork and rugs, which is more costly.  Virtual staging ranges about $250 - $475 or could range about 10% of your typical complete home staging plan package.  A virtual staging plan is an excellent marketing
tool and has an exclusive one time charge.  Virtual Staging is used when the seller doesn't want the traditional staging services and wants to save  thousands in additional routine staging cost.
Perhaps you've been in your current space for a while and would like to do a make-over and perhaps you're on a limited budget or just moved into a new
space and would like recommendations on paint color, accessories, art,
lighting, placement of furniture or just the re-designing of your current space. STAGE IT 2 SELL IT will provide you with a consultation for a re-design that could help make your space fit your taste and lifestyle perfectly.  Our re-design consultations range from $200 - $500 depending on the size of the home and the amount of rooms to be re-designed.  Rather you are buying or renting your space, we'll analyze it and keep your personal style and desires flowing into each room using your existing items.  
If you are interested in staging and interested in completing and preparing your home yourself, we can provide a DIY consultation, we'll tour your homes interior and exterior and offer suggestions on how to prepare your home for the perspective buyer, we'll provide paint color recommendations, outline all items for decluttering, recommend repairs, items for cleaning, provide storage plans, plan charity and donation pick-up svc.and curb appeal suggestions along with providing a final written report. We also offer a 45 minute to 1 hour follow-up walk through to ensure there are no loose ends prior to your open house and/or scheduled showing.  STAGE IT 2 SELL IT offers an initial two (2) hour walk through consultation ranging from $200 - $500, contact us for more details and information.
Going green is no longer an option, its becoming more and more a necessity to stay competitive in our homes and/or business. Our Certified Professional ECO Consultants are specially trained and certified and have the demontrated ability to help you make greening your home or business as easy, effective and affordable as possible. In our at home energy audits and consultations, our consultants will help you reduce your water, gas and sewer bill (without any major investments), improve air quality, reduce waste, advice on cleaning with eco friendly products, how to avoid harmful toxic chemicals and show you how to reduce your carbon footprint. Eco consultations and/or audits cost $250.00 and includes a free eco product kit valued at $75.00.  
Our "Lets Live & Go Green" consultation covers how to make your home greener and  how to become more energy efficient, live healthier, stay smarter and spend less.  We focus on re-cycling, re-use, re-sale and re-design in a sustainable way, our Lets Live & Go Green consultation offers advice, suggestions and green products to make your home more greener to create a more healthy and eco friendly environment....this could be quite appealing to
a  perspective buyer.  Please view our topic on Lets Live & Go Green where our main focus is on the 4 R's..... Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-Sale & Re-design.  
Moving and un-packing could be very stressful and it does'nt matter if you are  renting or buying, just the idea of packing sends most people into a complete frizzy.  STAGE IT 2 SELL IT has recognized that this is a common issue with almost every owner or renter and would like to take some of the stress and hassle out of your move.  Our company will do a walk through of your current property, review and analyze your current space and belongings and provide a written estimate of costs. Our move service will manage, declutter, organize, label, pack and organize your belongings for pick up by a licensed and bonded mover of your choice. Once your belongings arrive at their new space, we'll 
un-pack, arrange, remove boxes and design your new space to be warm, inviting and comfortable to you. Ask about our senior move and transition service which includes all of the above services at a senior discounted rate.    
Perhaps you don't have the time,in another location or perhaps you feel you won't make the right shopping decisions for your redesign needs,our company could do the shopping for you on your recommeded budget and if later you decide a particular item you're not fond of, you'll always have the option to return that item based on in-store return policies.  
STAGE IT 2 SELL IT offers a property maintenance service for owners
that are unable to oversee a property based on time constraints or have
already relocated and distance may be a factor. If you are interested in this service we could arrange for scheduled visits to the vacant property and
provide routine property maintenance to ensure its always ready for showing.
Comprehensive staging services such as having a home or property ready
and in move in condition sells faster and in some cases the buyer will decide
to use some of their own items or supplement other items by renting them  through furniture rental companies to ensure a more elaborate showing.
Furniture rentals are usually procured from 1-6 months and could go as long
as 12 months, typical staging services start at about $500.00 and could be completed in 1/2 day for 1-2 rooms, standard staging project for a whole house may take on average1-3 days to complete or could range $1500 - $15000 depending on the size of the house and amount of  rooms to be staged.  Keep in mind every project is different with some activities billed hourly and others on contract. We'll design a package to suit your needs with your suggested budget.