STAGE IT 2 SELL IT - Home Staging  & Re-Design
Our Lets Live & Go Green consultation specializing in the 4 R's....Re-Cycle,
Re-Use, Re-Sale & Re-Design, all of the 4 R's which definitely saves the consumer money, especially in todays society when it is imperative to stay healthy, live longer, live smarter and save money,that's what our 
"Lets Live & Go Green" initiative is all about.  In our consultations, we'll cover many of the below information topics with a continued focus on the sellers current staging and re-design needs while helping the consumer move forward with becoming more energy efficient in their home and/or business.
Biodegradable & What It Means
Chemicals Linked to Cancer
Eco Carpet Cleaning Products
Eliminate Toxic Products in the home
Energy Saving Tips   
Energy Audits
Energy Efficient Appliances
Fluorescent Lamps
Global Warming
Green Cleaning Products
How To Green Your Home
Improving Indoor Air Quality
Lowering UtilitiyBills
Rebates offered by Utility Companies
Recycling & Plastics
Recycle - Re-Use - Re-Sale - Re-design
Reduce Electricity/water Usage
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
Solar - Tank less Hot Water Heaters 
Staging & Re-Design Tips Using the 4 R's 
Winter Draft Elimination