STAGE IT 2 SELL IT - Home Staging  & Re-Design
We all dislike the idea of moving and almost everyone hates the chore of  packing, unpacking, clutter, boxes 
and the time consuming process of moving and getting settled into a new space.  
Our move services in partnership with  Interior Packing LLC, could assist you with the un-wanted task of moving and transitioning into your new space. 
We'll manage your move and complete the packing and unpacking of your personal items along with assisting you with making intelligent decisions about where to place everything to optimize the organization and efficiency of your   
new space rather you are buying or renting.     
Packing and moving is stressful for everyone, could you imagine how
stressful this task could be on our seniors. Our company offers a senior
move-in package for those seniors who've decided to live with relatives,
in a senior living residence or in assisted living facility.  
STAGE IT 2 SELL IT offers a plan to assist the home owner, business owner or the senior mover with  transitioning into a new home or place of residence and/or business. Our staff will help you make decisions about which items are important to you and which items are truly keepsakes in your new residence, we'll organize, de-clutter, pack and label in your present location and un-pack, organize, arrange and dispose of empty boxes at your new location. Contact
Us for more details and information on our move service.

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