STAGE IT 2 SELL IT - Home Staging  & Re-Design
When you're ready to sell your home, just think of it as being one of the larges deals you'll ever execute with an anticipated successful outcome. We all know that times are chaning and home staging has now become the new wave of the future for promoting and marketing your home or business.  Based on Home Gain and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development statistics, staging a home resuts in quicker sale and definately a much "Better Bang For The Buck". 
Our company offers a comprehensive room-by-room evaluation that includes an improvement plan that fits your current need and budget, we outline what it takes to make your home appeal to the largest pool of potential buyers to get your property sold in the quickest amount of time. We'll review your homes interior and exterior and make recommendations on neutralizing your space. 
If you decided to donate items to a specific charity or non-for-profit, we'll de-clutter, pack and label those items so they are ready for pickup, if sub-contractors are needed we'll provide oversight all the way through to completion. Give us a call, we'll customize a plan to fit your needs.
We offer several plans to fit your needs and objectives;
A Complete Stage -  Service are completed by our company
Vacant Home Stage -  A complete or partial stage is completed by our company
Re-Design Stage -  A re-design stage is completed using 70% or more of current furnishing and accessories.
DIY Stage - A room by room market consultation is completed and a written report is prepared and issued to the seller and the seller completes the staging process.
Virtual Stage - Photographs are taken and uploaded to a virtual staging database, interior and/or exterior space is staged virtually and uploaded to one or multiple real estate home selling website(s) of the sellers choice.
Move In Svc. - we'll assess, manage, de-clutter, organize, pack and label your items and belongings and once you have relocated to your new space, we'll un-pack, position and re-design your new space to be warm and inviting to fit your needs along with removing any remaining boxes from the premises. (see our move svc).
Furniture Planning - we have furniture plans availabe to fit your specific needs and budget up to an entire house.  We'll provide estimates on furniture rentals that not only include furnishings, we'll also include estimates on area rugs, art work, accessories and window treatments. Once a budget has been decided, keep in mind we'll work with you to identify your target market, stage your home or business appropriately and handle all of the rental and installation details for you.
De-Personalize & De-Clutter;
Stage It 2 Sell It  will complete a walk through of your home with a complete focus and objective of what should be done to de-personalize, de-clutter, repair and revamp your space, we'll offer advice on removing excessive personal items, color choices, repairs and curb appeal.  If your space has to many personal items you should realize that makes it harder for prospective buyers to see past all of your belongings and personal style and visualize themselves living in your home.  Call Us, we're ready to assist. 
Donate Unwanted Items: 
When preparing your move you may find or come across items which are in perfectly good or excellent condition that you don't wish to take to your new space, consider donating such items or articles to the local charity/non-profit and/or City of Chicago Agency listed below. There are many families and communities who could benefit from furniture, household goods, appliances and clothing with most organizations providing their own pick up service from your home. By donating items it will reduce the amount of time your move will take and save additional money in moving costs. 
The Brown Elephant:   
Replacing/ Removing/Repositioning Furniture:
The process of staging is often focused on the placement of furniture, accessories and art work to create a certain level of appeal to a potential buyers and during our walk through/market ready consultation we'll make suggestions for replacing and/or removing outdated or worn out furniture. There could be in some cases the need to use furniture rentals we'll recommend rentals because this would allow us to easily update your space and create broad appeal to a wide range of buyers. Additionally, we'll show you the best furniture plans for your home to make it more positive and play down any negative spaces.
Paint Color:
Our market ready consultations  also include that of paint color and lets not forget there is nothing more effective then a fresh coat of paint to refreshen up a space.  During our consultations we may make paint color 
suggestions that will enliven your home and still be neutral enough to have broad appeal to any buyer.
Curb Appeal: 
We all know that first impressions are lasting and the first thing a potential buyer will notice when they arrive to your home is the curb appeal. A potential buyer would notice if you have kept you lawn up, so be sure to have a really clean look, this could be as easy and as simple as pruning and leaf pick up, maybe adding some turf builder seeds to establish a nice green yard and perhaps additing a few colored plants with a layer of mulch or landscape rocks to covr the top. If you have any major or minor visible damage like cracks in asphalt or concrete, those are small items that can easily be fixed, broken gutters and large cracks in the driveway may need to be done by a professional. Curb appeal is extremely important and its the frist thing people will see when they visit your home for a showing, it sets the tone for the showing.  A home with poor curb appeal could practically guarantee a 10% lower offer and perhaps no offer at all.  Think about it...not to many people want to walk into a home with a lot of work that needs to be done.