STAGE IT 2 SELL IT - Home Staging  & Re-Design
A property that is vacant could at times leave a cold and univiting first impression on a potential buyer, its often hard for a buyer to visualize living
in a empty drab atmosphere, let alone imagine their belongings in a cold space. 
Most potential buyers would wonder and even ask why a particular property is vacant. If a buyer is interested in a vacant property they may assume the seller is desperate for an offer and may attempt to make a low ball offer, in which case the seller definitely doesn't want. 
There are times when a vacant property could be quite a risk to a realtor or investor and perhaps have had slow showings just because it was vacant. 
This alone could make
selling a property quite time consuming.......when selling, lets Keep in mind that when a potential buyer arrives at a vacant property, they just don't get that warm invite as
if someone had been living in the property and maintaining it over a period of time . 
STAGE IT 2 SELL IT  has recognized that 1st impressions mean everything in the real estate market and staging a vacant property with furnishings, accessories, art work and curb appeal to compliment each room would be the key to appeal to any potential buyer.  Contact Us for more information, we welcome developers, brokers, marketing experts, real estate professionals, investors and home owners, we'll stage your vacant property to show at its best at a cost that is right for you.